Teen Puts Piercings Back after Told they're Forbidden | @WorldsStrictestParents

Teen Puts Piercings Back after Told they're Forbidden | @WorldsStrictestParents


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@memories_and_oralhistories Says:
This poor girl! And the mom and her podcast buddy? Major Ruby Frankie vibes. 💀
@antmangamer1536 Says:
Anyone know where I can find the full episode of this?
@cathyhindle6282 Says:
This isn’t super nanny
@Snake-bj2gl Says:
They're just piercings. What harm does it do??? Seriously.
@evaniahbosman Says:
Piercings that are just done can't go out because that can cause infections so the one in her nose can get infected
@Beyoutifle Says:
Like bro let her be her and then like she is still kind and happy but if you tell her to put them away and never wear them she won’t be kind or happy
@thatrobotgodzillaman Says:
Is that walter junior
@deannamcclung1012 Says:
But that's her body if she wants the jewelry in
@deannamcclung1012 Says:
That's not right
@Suzzers Says:
Why were they more suspicious of the girl? She even told them the truth about the one they couldn't see and they still treat her likes she's a threat.
@scepticalhyenas5750 Says:
Man, that mother is just SO condescending. _"I could see her little wheels turning!"_ UGH
@matthewbrown3892 Says:
Did you do your hair
@juanborrego7421 Says:
I'm confused about Supernanny and the World's Strictest Parents on the YouTube channel!
@doink9424 Says:
how does it matter though
@mariepayann Says:
“I cant even stand the thought of you with something in your nose” who cares???
@Loesters Says:
That house would be hell for me. Those parents would make me so depressed. There is NO room for anything except the ordinary stupidness of life. Noooooooooo!!!!
@lilahgrogan8311 Says:
1. what about the lady’s ear piercings?? 2. she paid for them, it doesn’t matter 3. if they close up then that’s a waste of the money she spent on them
@tammymanuel9158 Says:
But its ok that the mom has piercings. Bullcrap! There is nothing wrong with them. That is double standards. I cant imagine this woman is Brittaney’s biological mother. I would not want to live with her. She is ridiculous.
@meirahfischer3036 Says:
For goodness sake there guests lay off them.
@bentleycat0714 Says:
Why didn’t they let her boss at her work tell her she would be so angry or the boss wouldn’t have even cared
@J_24 Says:
i find it funny that she forced her to take her ear piercings out even tho the mom herself has ear piercings
@animerabbitden884 Says:
it her body it her choice so why should she take out that piercing
@ellimckiddy5799 Says:
What family is this
@SaweetDee22 Says:
My job has zero issue with either of my face piercings 🙄🙄. Couldn’t have been me, I would raise hell
@ChristineMaz Says:
I think the key for me here is that she said she wanted the piercings out to help her to see past them. It is her own responsibility to not be hung up on the piercing. The child shouldn’t have to help her to do that. No opinion on allowing or disallowing piercings for ones own children.
@wmdkitty Says:
It's her body, it's her choice, her parents have NO RIGHT to make her remove them.
@JamesBond-lp9wr Says:
Imagine wearing piercings. Only ear piercings are ok
@PeaceWithin576 Says:
Which family is this? ( it's world strict parenting it's not supernanny) I'm confused .
@elizadekleine6969 Says:
Wel like l would NEVER get piercings but If l HAD them NO I AM NOT GOING TO TAKE THEM OFF THEY ARE MINE
@DrSpencerReid-Mathewgraygubler Says:
If i had piercings THOSE ARE MINEEEE i will not take them out for some ladied
@fbiagentmiyakohoshino8223 Says:
@phantomhurricane666 Says:
i'd never take them out in the first place. NO-ONE has the right to tell you to. except for work.
@jasonvegan5761 Says:
Yikes that mom is horrible! 🤡🥊
@shifashahine2005 Says:
Love supernanny videos.
@j.c.2240 Says:
Ma'am, YOU have piercings!
@ekevanhoek4270 Says:
I can’t stand that that mom has earrings 😒
@Limehouselane Says:
Leave her alone lol. If she paid for them herself let her be and explore herself
@kristyn5833 Says:
What about her ear piercings? That are also piercing, so the woman has to take them out too.
@lylaogle6726 Says:
@butterblue5226 Says:
hii huge fan
@mels...crybaby Says:
Wow im sooo early

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