Teen Refuses to Take Out Her Piercing | @WorldsStrictestParents

Teen Refuses to Take Out Her Piercing | @WorldsStrictestParents


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@alexanderblack827 Says:
Why didn’t Emily just take out her bloody piercings when the mum asked her to?
@kelsiefronheiser2342 Says:
It's her body and her decision. Being strict with cleaning is one thing but forcing her to remove her piercing is abusive and shameful.
@kallinskai1427 Says:
Where is this location?
@miriamschiro2354 Says:
Ugh poor horses because of self absorb selfish egocentric ppl 😡
@ChronicallyTT Says:
This is not teaching kids respect. This is teaching blind obedience to authority without reason.
@miriamschiro2354 Says:
Father: “Emily if you just knew how hideous it looks “ Emily: “Well in the one that have to wear it” 😂
@stephaniemiller730 Says:
If we didn’t know we would think the two of you are the same age. You ladies ROCK and keep showing up & showing out. The Mother/Daughter Duo is amazing. You’re encouraging Mother & Daughter Bonds by showing us what it looks like. I wish I still had my Mother.
@AG-wb3db Says:
It is her body, her choice. If she wants to wear that piercing, then let her. Teens are young adults.
@hymnofthenightingale2130 Says:
"How hideous it looks" As if they look any better.
@wmdkitty Says:
I've said before, and I'm saying again, it's HER BODY, it's HER CHOICE. The parents have no right to demand she remove the piercings.
@jackkoshel9759 Says:
When will they make season nine of supernanny?
@PeaceWithin576 Says:
That's not supernanny that's an episode on world strict parents in Ireland
@shifashahine2005 Says:
Love the supernanny videos .
@kay_panic_arts Says:
The scene at 1:30 is honestly kinda heartbreaking. The man claims this is discipline and what he says goes. But what is he disciplining? There’s no wrong behavior going on that would warrant it. That is unless of course he considers wearing the piercings “wrong behavior” in which case he should explain to her why it is wrong and therefore obey him. But, he can’t so she has no reason to follow that rule.
@yeetusdeletus8565 Says:
I like how the mom calls her piercings disgusting and then she shows up in an interview segment 30 seconds later with earrings in
@morganwhitworth484 Says:
I wouldn't take mine out nether who are they telling her what to do with her body it's her choice
@kenaluna Says:
Why using earrings is considered to be socially accepted, and piercings are not? What's the difference? Both items are pierced ... anyway!!
@adaobiemetu5301 Says:
Teenagers should follow rules
@adaobiemetu5301 Says:
Their house their rules.
@MrRyukage Says:
To me the show should be renamed the most abusive parents not strictness parents.
@ottoottomans Says:
i wouldnt take them out either , its her choice to wear her piercings
@colinbrown3170 Says:
Grown people and they find any reason to insult someone younger than them. "How hideous it looks" "it hurts us to have you look like that" well excuse her for living and not changing overnight. Excuse her individuality as and not have time she can't get back wasted because everyone else doesn't like something. La de da
@lacelegends9102 Says:
I really need to send my obnoxious son to one of these families.
@johnaisiastone9997 Says:
They would've had to been mad at me bc I'm not taking my piercings out LMAOO
@Its_me-Hannah Says:
I wouldn’t take it out either it’s completely her choice if she has it in or out Done and over with
@reginauribe6381 Says:
this was 1 minute ago and it got 18 liktes
@laceybogart6770 Says:
@casperdelport2512 Says:
@lunatinia2173 Says:

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