These kids run their parent's house! | The Smith Family | Supernanny USA

These kids run their parent's house! | The Smith Family | Supernanny USA


Jo visits Hawaii to help the Smith family. While parents Will and Michelle are bright marine biologists, they're completely clueless when it comes to raising their two toddlers: 3-year-old Nate and 2-year-old Ari. Nate is not potty-trained yet and is still in diapers while Ari still drinks from a bottle and throws a tantrum when he doesn't get it. The parents admit the kids run the house and have no idea what to do. Can Jo help this family out? ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: #Supernanny #JoFrost ▶ SUPERNANNY NEW SEASON 8: ▶ WATCH FULL EPISODES HERE: ▶ SUPERNANNY MOMENTS WE LOVE THE MOST: Supernanny is here to tackle tantrums, fights and naughty kids all over the world! Have you ever given your parents a hard time? How do you compare to these kids? Supernanny will help families get their behavior back on track- but it won't be easy!! 😭 Expect lots of extreme tantrums, fighting kids and broken rules! 🎥 These episodes were originally on TV from 2004 to 2012, so it might look like it was filmed on a potato! ▶︎CHECK OUT THE SUPERNANNY WEBSITE ⇨ ▶︎LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ⇨ ▶︎FOLLOW US ON TWITTER ⇨ 🌍 Check out the World's Strictest Parents YouTube Channel for more tantrums, fights & naughty kids from around the world: ▶︎




12dordor Says:
These kids have such amazingly calm and loving parents.
Anna Says:
They are grandparents rather than parents!!!
Browyn R Says:
OMG those children are in distress. I think it is attention getting. Where is the discipline?
Jessie’s Channel 4Kids Says:
Hi.. At what age should timeout stop, meaning the child is to old for timeout and the punishment is ineffective.
Ana B Says:
I don't understand how the parents now days can't take care of the little children wow
Claudia Pavanello Says:
Too old to not getting tired of these two tasmanian evils
Mehsina Marin Says:
The parents are so good. The kids are also young. So i understand. And it feels lovely to see them get help...❤
Wednesday Says:
36:30 Highly Educated parents but can't make the connection? Oboy
Wednesday Says:
Oh boy 2 nuts who spent too long in school
BoBurns Says:
I just realised that that his name was Will Smith
DevynHayley Says:
Their smiles watching how far they have come is beautiful
DevynHayley Says:
The parents are so kind. Amazing people. The dad especially just is so great to see
Delia Scheinberg Says:
Hawaiian Cafe
Susan Murphy Says:
Why would you take two unruly toddlers to the grocery store with you? Why doesn't he leave them at home with the children's Mother?? 😮
Cherith Douglas Says:
He put lipgloss on his toenail 😂😂😂😂
Lillian In Space Says:
This family is so cute.
Rae Farnsworth Says:
They won't discipline their kids. Kids need boundaries.
Vera Says:
Lovely parents.
Lea Baron Says:
One of the loveliest episodes I've seen, lovely parents 😊
Kathryn Molesa Says:
Laid back the island way. Kids need to chill.
Deborah Connolly Says:
The yanking on the child's arms is not ok at all. You can pull the arm out of the socket. Jo never said anything about that. kids are not stuffed toys. DCF
Life with nimi Says:
These parents shouldn’t even be allowed to be parents they even said we have no clue how to take care of kids in the first seen😊
Petergaye Reid Says:
random question: am I the only one who noticed the spongebob soundtrack? Love these parents btw
Nina Jones Says:
The very first thought I had was when you see people who are very intelligent, it seems they struggle more with common sense kinds of things. These guys took to it very well. So loving and kind and now understand that they need routines and boundaries just as much. Great job guys!
Stefania Styrańczak Says:
Love these parents <3 great family
John Roekoek Says:
9:34 See the UFO?
Delia Scheinberg Says:
Delia Scheinberg Says:
The Smith Family- ALOHA! 0:13 0:16 William “Will” Smith Age 47 0:17 Michelle Smith Age 39 0:22 Nathan “Nate” Smith Age 3 0:25 Ari Smith Age 2
Dawn Perez Says:
To. Old. To. Have. Kids. At. This. Age
Noon Nie Says:
Love that poo song
boobear0467 Says:
What is the ep called?
Jennifer Nichols Says:
lol i forgot he was named "will smith"
Jean York Says:
아이들이 왜 이리 별날까? 아이를 키우면서 한번도 별나게 설치는것을 본적이 없다 조용히알아듣고 밖에서 놀고 서로 이심전심 애들이 말하지않아도 무엇을 원하는지 또 어떤것을해야되는지 요구사항은 가능한 즉각 즉각 들어주고 위험한것은 피하게 하고 하루종일 온신경을 써서 돌보면 아이들이 항상 행복하고 기쁘게 시간을 보낸다 지나친 과잉표현 지나친 업된 목소리 그리고 행동들 도데체 이해가 안된다 아이는 뭔가 항상 부족한듯 요구하고 행동하고 그냥 조용히 지켜보다 뭔가 팔요할깨 만 도우고 최대한 자유롭게 행동하고 생각하고 느끼도록 많은 말을 하지않고 지켜본다 난 항상 여기있어! 눈으로 말한다 껴안고 말하고 또 지나친 감정표현 글쎄 ? 정신이 다 산만해진다 동양과 서양의 차아점인가?
Bush Babies: Ms. Kim & Ms. Bri Says:
0:45 Evolutionary adaptation sweetie. 😹😹😹
Connie Bell Says:
I just love these parents! I love how Will was beaming at Michelle when she finally got the boys in bed. I just Looooove these folks!
Brenda Henderson Says:
Good old fashion spanking
Bianca Pelzer Says:
12:10 love this
Madelyn Darby Says:
Will Smith that’s cool lol
Julie Harkins Says:
Disgusting they can’t figure it out. There’s only two
StonieeB Says:
boys always rub their winky lol and it doesn’t stop as they grow i jus yell wash ur hands
Darkstar Moonshadow Says:
Jo Jo is Amazing, i love how patiant and willing she is and i love her determination.
Olivia Saiz Says:
She just throws those boys like if they were an object not her children. I no you get frustrated but don’t just throw them on the bed. Please
Terri King Says:
Why do both the parents have blonde hair and one of the kids have red hair🤔❓
Lynn Trent Says:
To all my friends. Who are going threw this.
Peace Warrior Says:
These parents are adorable xx
Unknown Reno Says:
I feel bad for the small space 😕
TruthIris Says:
Nope. No doubt their in daycare all day. Smh
Mary Dabbadie Says:
I have seen so many,super nannies Love these People 😂😂😂❤
Marcelle Van vuuren Says:
This episode was my favorite, because it's mostly parents like these who are watching supernanny to learn and not the extreme cases.
None Yer Says:
Did you not have parents? How can people be so dense.

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