These kids run their parent's house! | The Smith Family | Supernanny USA

These kids run their parent's house! | The Smith Family | Supernanny USA


Jo visits Hawaii to help the Smith family. While parents Will and Michelle are bright marine biologists, they're completely clueless when it comes to raising their two toddlers: 3-year-old Nate and 2-year-old Ari. Nate is not potty-trained yet and is still in diapers while Ari still drinks from a bottle and throws a tantrum when he doesn't get it. The parents admit the kids run the house and have no idea what to do. Can Jo help this family out? ▶ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE: #Supernanny #JoFrost ▶ SUPERNANNY NEW SEASON 8: ▶ WATCH FULL EPISODES HERE: ▶ SUPERNANNY MOMENTS WE LOVE THE MOST: Supernanny is here to tackle tantrums, fights and naughty kids all over the world! Have you ever given your parents a hard time? How do you compare to these kids? Supernanny will help families get their behavior back on track- but it won't be easy!! 😭 Expect lots of extreme tantrums, fighting kids and broken rules! 🎥 These episodes were originally on TV from 2004 to 2012, so it might look like it was filmed on a potato! ▶︎CHECK OUT THE SUPERNANNY WEBSITE ⇨ ▶︎LIKE US ON FACEBOOK ⇨ ▶︎FOLLOW US ON TWITTER ⇨ 🌍 Check out the World's Strictest Parents YouTube Channel for more tantrums, fights & naughty kids from around the world: ▶︎




@nenitanicanorwatchingfroms8690 Says:
... These parents is the best i have seen on this show... So sweet pe0ple! 👏❤️
@ameliabester6500 Says:
I like that the dads name is Will Smith
@manunuod_ako1766 Says:
I like this episode. Seems more normal household. The sippy cup placed on the floor for the child to easily get. Jo didn't even bat an eye. This parents are not lazy, did not check out, nor were angry. They may be frustrated at times which is normal in my opinion especially if both parents ate career parents.
@kathyrussell5718 Says:
I Thatcher show Will be onda Disney plus
@mrmilesplotagon Says:
Did you know the dad on this episode is named will smith just like the famous actor
@arthistoryliterature2950 Says:
Jo looked like she wanted to burst put laughing entire episode. 😂
@hannamariewilson Says:
Little ginger boy <3
@matthewhalloran5445 Says:
I'll Not Seen This Episode Before I Had To Laugh When mum Said That The Neighbours Had Phoned The Police Twices All Because They Could Hear The Kids Screaming
@ingridakerblom7577 Says:
Parents are really sweet!
@HerHomeschoolHomestead Says:
I think Jo genuinely enjoyed this family. They are fun.
@wiccabanks7291 Says:
These guys were such lovely people, not arguing with each other, laid back and obviously love their kids so much, I think they did brilliantly with Jo's help. One of the nicest episodes. 😊
@Vemonvine Says:
@Vemonvine Says:
@kathrynmurphy-ug5qf Says:
Stunning parents xxxxx
@LaurelHansen-zi3jp Says:
Is lifting and yanking them by their arm okay with Jo?
@carlaelisabete9575 Says:
@leannsherman6723 Says:
Very good episode.
@pamelamckenzie2685 Says:
Beautiful family Dad reminds me of Rod Stuart
@michelebotha9858 Says:
These parents are so great❤. Lucky kids
@FakeAlexMason5836 Says:
Will Smith?! How MANY people have that name?
@samuelblomquist7827 Says:
@abbystephens9766 Says:
The fact that the house is so small is chaos. Don’t know how the kids can sleep in the living room.
@ruthirwin8222 Says:
What gorgepus scenery
@cocotulle23 Says:
There are definitely my favorite parents for the best reasons. Such kind people and humble, eager learners.
@hanhanmac5017 Says:
These are brilliant. Got to give it to Dad at the start for at least trying.... I loved the frog hunting too, could have done something like that in the day, like bug hunting
@janahcoaching Says:
These parents are actually very nice. They knew they needed help and were humble enough to even enjoy getting help.
@foxibot Says:
I love this lady, she is funny, when she said I don’t think the Bank of England is this secure. Lol.
@lindakay1700 Says:
Every new parent should be required to study the Supernanny rules!
@Babbleonandon Says:
Loved these parents. They accepted they were doing things wrong and were willing to put in the work to change that. I wish their family all the very best in life
@bernicesalkey4737 Says:
Omg,i love these parents, so loving and willing to learn how to grow their kids properly..❤❤❤❤😊
@kendrabutler3670 Says:
What about showers and brushing teeth? Especially after hunting frog's.
@kendrabutler3670 Says:
We loved going grocery shopping
@kendrabutler3670 Says:
My children never acted up this way.i just don't understand ?
@kendrabutler3670 Says:
I'm cracking up😂😂😂
@Shelly211262 Says:
Love this family ❤
@1kamxx Says:
these parents are absolutely so kind.
@dorthymcbride3384 Says:
Ms. Joe, please take off shoes in hawaiian homes, please! Mahalo😊
@user-eb6jd2cy9b Says:
The flower in Jo’s hair is cute
@kristinemeade5221 Says:
😂 after the Intro I was dying! 😂
@sarahboakes6392 Says:
Great parents ❤
@bethkelsey1 Says:
Love these people. Their emotional intelligence and immense patience are admirable! I was lucky that my kids were super well behaved… nothing I did beyond the “mom look” lol. Weird.
@sweetcheeseehun1155 Says:
I wanna See Supernanny's Children behave ...excited 🥰
@sweetcheeseehun1155 Says:
Frog 🐸 pees gives u warts 😂
@juliemcmurtrie2713 Says:
Really nice fun family 😀👍🌸
@lhyden6516 Says:
Very cool parents!
@traceyraybould7148 Says:
Arrrr these parents are lovely. They haven’t a clue, but they are nice people 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
@Awesomekid152 Says:
20:16 don’t you ever pull your mom glasses off her face
@ranjanikodagoda812 Says:
Great parents. They are so understanding and flexible.
@exintrovert1337 Says:
I love how beautifully this episode illustrates that parenting is the great equalizer. PhD or high school dropout… we are all clueless at times 😅
@annamineer2521 Says:
I bet Mom has more patience with marine animals than her children.

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