Not all heroes wear capes🦸 #supernanny #jofrost #supergirl #parenting #childcare #shorts
Not all heroes wear capes🦸 #supernanny #jofrost #supergirl #parenting #childcare #shorts



@Layla_ThatLeo Says:
The mom looks so pretty
@LDGG193 Says:
I love Supernanny always have and always will!
@zacharyjames3992 Says:
Everyone instinctively knows the kind of evil and torrent that presents itself when this haircut is present. This is on you, lady. Fix yo’ hair and maybe…. MAYBE…. your kid won’t be responsible for the death of hundreds 👌
@mohamedelmasry3039 Says:
@tilanawest1613 Says:
Lived in the US for many years. Life there is beyond hard. So many folk have second jobs, esp policemen and firefighters. Tough out there. And childcare is almost unaffordable
@ResinAlchemist2024 Says:
@eleanorsvenson2958 Says:
Where’s the dad
@MearnieToon Says:
The hairline 😳 is an inch away from her eyebrows
@wennykelley8600 Says:
Wonder how every one else did it. But I think now days we have time to ask our selfs am I happy do I want what's best for my family.where back then we just did it didn't think just did it
@user-vy6wh9nv4d Says:
Who else loves supernanny?
@HushTWD Says:
supernanny is so sigma

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