This boy will say homophobic slurs to his older brother... | Supernanny USA
This boy will say homophobic slurs to his older brother... | Supernanny USA



@acetorres666 Says:
Dad's the problem
@Jake-vo1cj Says:
Nice it was on my birthday
@rawburtmartinez Says:
If no one wants to be around the boys, no one wants to be around the Dad. The sons are becoming the Dad and the mom is not liking that
@SailorGreenTea Says:
0:26, what does that mean?
@Chris-pt1bl Says:
Terrible parenting especially from the father
@mareemcmahon1712 Says:
The father is pushing way too hard. WHY Whats Dad's big DARK Secret .😮
@mareemcmahon1712 Says:
Learned behaviour Hmmmmm🤔The Father is pushing too Hard Why ,The Father is Loud Aggressive , and also opinionated The wife has no Voice The boys are terrified of The Father THE PROBLEM IS THE FATHER
@mixaxblue6765 Says:
Boys and girls at that young age are pretty much the same as each other. Not sure why people act like young boys and even older men should have to be braver, stronger less emotional.
@miguelgibbs Says:
Marketing deserves an award for dropping this in June cuz LMAO
@tomforsythe7024 Says:
They're brothers. Mind your own business.
@harrypennell5802 Says:
@memezboi489 Says:
Nah type of sh from the suppernanny fannon wiki
@eric-0nline Says:
Supernanny threw the first brick at stonewall
@stay_fromnz5605 Says:
Where was supernanny when i was younger 😭
@JoshWitte Says:
Kid was definitely in the closet
@Jarmint Says:
@Emma-wm9jg Says:
Kids learn langauge from somewhere 🤦‍♀️
@Emma-wm9jg Says:
Kids learn langauge from somewhere 🤦‍♀️
@Emma-wm9jg Says:
Oh god after 10 seconds i was disgusted at the dad
@johnnyboi06 Says:
He'll be hosting the Grammy! He's great! Love him l!
@AntTonyLOLKID Says:
The look of mum's face and the look towards dad when Jo revealed that Hunter said "f*g". Seems like the dad has been calling them f*gs
@ItsCoreyLynxxYall Says:
There's a solution to this. The older bro should teach little bro about respect, the hard way. Dad says he wants the boys to be tough, well now's your time to shine big bro.
@ifritxxv8767 Says:
She's amazing!
@janecarney3492 Says:
Calling it now, the dad uses that language as he is DL
@jaytook2 Says:
We all know where it was learned
@Julian-mo9dn Says:
This dad is everything what is wrong with society.
@thomasfnmitchell1988 Says:
I want to finish this video to see how it works out, but he's (obviously Dad) making me sick to my stomach.
@user-xs4mp9dr8w Says:
His deadbeat dad is saying those disgusting words the dad is nasty
@MrBroadcast45 Says:
The father is the problem teaching his kids to be hateful. Not good parenting dad you’re no role model
@TightyWhiteyTrash Says:
*SuperNanny* is in America 🇺🇸 Wow! She’s definitely gonna see some stuff she’s never seen before 😬 This family has so much potential tho
@mannyfernandez2983 Says:
dad out here making more nate jacobs
@corvus2327 Says:
Dad has trump supporter vibres.
@Oliv3eR4T Says:
Not in pride month 😮
@jondavis70 Says:
Dad goes to the rest stop after dark to get what he’s not getting from the misses.
@user-th9nf2ul9c Says:
Bad husband, bad dad. Préhistorical mind
@andreasobuaculla9511 Says:
Daddy should grow up!
@rlchill Says:
That man can NOT sit there and act like he's never said that slur and he doesn't know where the child gets it from. Sir, THE CALL IS COMING FROM INSIDE THE HOUSE!
@Snopdogdad Says:
Lameee , me and my friends been sayin worse since we were 6-7 years old 😂, trust me there’s way worse he could be sayin
@marshagold1179 Says:
I would like to see the solution on this family dynamic?
@jp96-c7m Says:
Homophobic isn't a word
@TomMakesVidz Says:
theres masculinity and theres toxic masculinity
@getkrawnwalled5625 Says:
I will also say that they probably heard this from school being around other kids. I don't put this entirely on their father. Not ruling out that he might have said things over the years, but that was likely something that they heard outside of home as well
@xxdravenxx8036 Says:
W kid
@SchweitzerMan Says:
What IS it with kids named "Hunter"?
@dietotaku Says:
i hope part of the teaching phase was to have the boys - and dad - dress up in heels and tutus and put makeup on so they get the hint that insecure, performative masculinity is not masculine at all, and that sexuality has nothing to do with gender expression or identity.
@markstoyreviews6641 Says:
this is why Older male students especially. in high school shouldn’t force other kids to act like them or do inappropriate things
@smijah_playz2707 Says:
W kid
@Long_LiveTaylor.. Says:
@melaniekendall4903 Says:
Rivers? Really 😂. Why don't they name him bridges or trees!!
@royalbulgariancat7068 Says:
There is nothing wrong with being LGBTQ!

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