Little boy doesn't like his mom 😨 #supernanny #childcare #jofrost #tvshow #parenting
Little boy doesn't like his mom 😨 #supernanny #childcare #jofrost #tvshow #parenting



@pinkhybridpanda9115 Says:
I’m sorry but I am too petty…if my kid ever says “I don’t like you” my immediate response is going to be “same twin”.
@SharleneMayol-wy3ni Says:
I 💯 agree
@ShyneOn Says:
I had 2 boys and I just can't believe how terrible these kids act. It's mind boggling that children this young are so angry and unhappy and their parents allow it.
@swimfast724 Says:
Crazy good or crazy bad? Because I thought the point of time out is you don't give them any attention at all
@yotiwild8670 Says:
Psychological torture? 😮
@Charmienckaieo-qr3ri Says:
@KoalaB354 Says:
Born to be wild 😅
@nickalcock5925 Says:
Who else loves supernanny?
@NicoAlcock-xc4zo Says:
Who else loves supernanny?
@nicoalcock Says:
Who else loves supernanny?
@Crazygirl123-nb5fe Says:
This is why I don’t want kids
@oscarotoole Says:
Honestly Sonya’s problem here is one that everyone is pointing out. She, and to an extent also Keith, are giving the boys’ behavior too much attention. That’s why when they’re disciplined they constantly communicate with them
@toddmiles8834 Says:
Try baby boot camp.
@finnmanser4900 Says:
What is that family called?
@elizabethwilson3833 Says:
CRAZY Once he's on the bench/chair she needs to leave him alone and not fuel the fire by lording over him let alone talking to him. It's her that needs to be on the bench.
@mth06834 Says:
That's her in Jo's bad books.. tututut.
@user-vy6wh9nv4d Says:
Who else loves supernanny?
@Celestichthysmargaritatus Says:
I don't like her either. Does dhe love her child? I see nothing of that, and this little boy can't see it either.
@Lisaderruck55 Says:
This is my 6 yr old
@arexandwa Says:
Spnk em..
@BabymommaX3 Says:
which season/episode is this ?
@juanborrego7421 Says:
This Woman is not doing the Time-Out method correctly!
@Shineandrise Says:
Did anyone read boy’s t shirt
@meredithelyse8147 Says:
She’s giving the behavior too much attention, needs to not make eye contact and set him in the chair without speaking until he stays the amount of time necessary
@azasahmed9885 Says:
What episode???
@user-hg2zr3dj2w Says:
Which episode?

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